About Us

About Us

Sawaed Al-Khaleej Company is a leading company in the Saudi labor market. In the service of the industry The Kingdoms Vision 2030 to contribute to achieving To a sustainable economy so that the Kingdom becomes a leading industry through Provide employment opportunities to the thriving economy of the Queen Company) Sawaed Al-Khaleej (born from the womb) of the Egyptian Workers Service Complex Industrial and educational (who has accumulated experience in the market Egyptian, regional and international industrial work for more than 12 years .

Our Mission

Leadership in local & global service industry for the industrial sector through unifying the service gateway for industrial investors, using latest technological methods according to global sustainable development strategy, raising awareness for industrial culture, increasing and diversifying job opportunities in the industrial sector while adhering our business creed and advancing our members and investors.

Our objectives

  1. To be the leading gateway for industrial investors and human cadres to enter the industrial market.
  2. Unifying the service gateway for industrial investors
  3. Become an economic system that affects the global labor market.
  4. Establishing training and rehabilitation centers and applied technology schools in each industrial area.
  5. We aspire to reach out and train 500k Saudi youths in the industrial sector also to provide 500k jobs in the industrial sector. 6. Graduation and training of 100k new entrepreneurs in industrial entrepreneurship according to the Kingdom 2030’s vision.

Our vision

Becoming a service, industrial and educational enterprise affecting the international economic system.